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Where are your data centers located?
We currently have two data centers in St. Louis, Missouri (STL-A and STL-B). Additionally, we have DFW1 operating in Dallas, Texas and ORD1 in Chicago, Illinois.

Java web hosting comparative

This is a good article on how to configure VPSs: http://www.developer.com/java/other/article.php/3697421
Another comparative is at grails: http://grails.org/Hosting

  • [http://vpslink.com/] from 7$
  • dinahosting no java web hosting
  • ovh 11.59€ RAM: 512, storage: 10 GB.
  • lionide $19.95, RAM: 360MB, storage 12GB, transfer: 200GB.
          • Full root access
          • Deploy multiple Linux distributions
          • Reimage at any time
          • Dedicated IP address, premium providers
          • Dedicated Resources
          • Guaranteed CPU, burstable
          • Xen instances with 4 cores for SMP
          • Out of band Ajax and ssh based console shell
          • Choose from four geographically diverse datacenters
          • Bandwidth pooling between Linodes under an account
          • Support for IP Failover, Private back-end networks, Linode cloning.
          • Managed DNS
          • Linode API
  • java pipe
      • Starter: Private Apache Tomcat JAVA Hosting, Raid Protected Disk Space: 1GB, Dedicated JVM RAM: 32MB, Traffic per Month: 10GB, Email Accounts: 100, MySQL Databases: 2, Monthly Fee: $15.00, FREE SETUP!
      • Basic: Private Apache Tomcat JAVA Hosting, Raid Protected Disk Space: 5GB, Dedicated JVM RAM: 64MB, Traffic per Month: 30GB, Email Accounts: 100, MySQL Databases: 5, Monthly Fee: $25.00, FREE SETUP!
      • Growth: Private Apache Tomcat JAVA Hosting, Raid Protected Disk Space: 10GB, Dedicated JVM RAM: 128MB, Traffic per Month: 50GB, Email Accounts: 150, MySQL Databases: 10, Monthly Fee: $35.00, FREE SETUP!
  • 2020Media NO PRICES ON THE WEB but I've readed onthe web arround 300 pounds/year.
    • Java+: Shared Tomcat Shared Tomcat instance, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Context Restarts, Great Value - includes MySQL. Webspace 100MB, Bandwidth 3GB per month.
    • Java+ Premium: Private Tomcat Private Tomcat instance, Free choice of Tomcat version, SSH access to restart/view logs, MySQL included
    • Java+ Dedicated Dedicated Virtual Private Server, Free choice of Tomcat preinstalled and configured, Complete control over environment, Managed or local MySQL databases

All include Extra Features: SSH Access, Webstats, Tomcat Manager, Reloadable Context.
Optional on all: Choice of MySQL version, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP enabled, Perl enabled, View live Catalina output, Additional Bandwidth, Additional Disk Space, Virus Scanning of Email(comes as standard on Managed email)Outbound email service 250/1250/12500 emails/day, SSL hosting with private SSL certificate, Search Engine optimisation advice.

  • ADDR (UK) (3 months free on all accounts). Very bad comments out there.
    • Basic 7.95$/month: storage 1000MB, bandwidth 40GB, no database.
    • Silver $9.95/month: storage 3000MB, bandwidth 60GB, mysql database
    • Gold 14.95$/month: storage 5000MB, bandwidth 80GB, mysql/postgreSQL database.
  • 4java (Canada) Setup Fee: FREE. Very goog comments out there.
    • Shared tomcat: Canadian$11.55/monthly. shared JVM. manual unzip to deploy.
    • Private tomcat: Canadian$19.95/monthly. private JVM. autodeploy.
    • Private JBoss: Canadian$45.95/monthly. private JVM.
  • 20after4 $20 a month, no setup fee. #1 Free MySQL Database ($5/month for each additional database) few good comments out there.
  • eatj
    • Free: trial.
    • Basic: 9.95$/month, shared tomcat, storage 5000MB, bandwith 300GB, 2 databases.
    • Advanced: 16.85$/month, shared tomcat, storage: Unlimited, bandwith: Unlimited (reasonable), 2 databases.
    • Enterprised: 99$/month+50$setup fee, private tomcat, storage: your choice, bandwith: Unlimited (reasonable), unlimited databases.
  • http://www.myjavaserver.com out of work?
  • http://servlets.com/isps/servlet/ISPViewAll contains a big index but some links are not java hosting sites, are not even hosting sites.

Wiki hosting comparative

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