Ruby Stack

A very interesting list of artifacts and its better versions is in :
Also refer to this wiki's libraries page: libraries

Redcar :

How to convert gedit into a ruby editor:

Behaviour Driven Development

BDD in ruby.

Continous integration

Subdomain accounts with Ruby on Rails explained

Background processing

Engine yard recomendations


Nanite is a new way of thinking about building cloud ready web applications. Having a scalable message queueing back-end with all the discovery and dynamic load based dispatch that Nanite has is a very scalable way to construct web application back-ends.


Optimizing resource usage

Scaling Rails

MySql driver deficiencies makes Mongrel and WEBrick to hang

Postgre sql driver installation Mac OS X

I had to add a hint so that ruby gems can find postgres libraries:

gem install pg -- --with-pg-dir=/Library/PostgreSQL/8.3/ --with-pg-lib=/Library/PostgreSQL/8.3/lib/

Logging from outside rails models, controllers, helpers, and the like

As a shortcut, one can access the Rails logger from custom classes with 'The info text.'

Regular expressions


An online regular expression editor:

About gems

Rails not available after intalling through gem on Ubuntu

To make intalled gems accessible on Ubuntu make sure to export the path to gems bin's:

export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH

To update the gem system

sudo gem update --system

Background and scheduled jobs

Very few I've found..
and here's how I get it work: backgrounDRb


For study:

This seems interesting as long as is multi-lingual by default, not as Radius:
A little bit of self-documented-by-experimentation zena reference.

Reference guides
Rails tutorial with example app:
No need to mention rail's API:

Adhearsion, an Asterisk framework

RubyFringe talk:

Ruby for SymbyanOS

Take a look at:

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