Url design Axioms

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Axiom 1: Global scope

  • It doesn't matter to whom or where you specify that URI, it will have the same meaning.
  • Any new space of identifiers or address space can be represented as a subset of URI space.

Axiom 2a: sameness

  • a URI will repeatably refer to "the same" thing.

When is a URI "the same URI"?
Two URIs are the same if (and only if) they are the same character for character.

Axiom 2b: identity

  • the significance of identity for a given URI is determined by the person who owns the URI, who first determined what it points to.

Axiom 3: non unique

  • URI space does not have to be the only universal space.

Axiom: Opacity of URIs

  • The only thing you can use an identifier for is to refer to an object. When you are not dereferencing you should not look at the contents of the URI string to gain other information as little as possible.

Identity, State and GET

  • In HTTP, GET must not have side effects.
  • In HTTP, anything which does not have side-effects should use GET.
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