Project Management

The Big Development Project: How much should it cost?

Agile contracts

Finding a Partner to Trust

Using Competitive Sprints to Select an Agile Software Vendor

Using Scrum to Create an Agile RFP

Lessons learned on project management (I will never fail on this again :)

Project start

Get an agreement with all stakeholders on which the production environment will be and publicly document it

Yes, it may sound obvious to many people but I'm facing the case on a project where I get a verbal agreement with the customer's IT department saying that we will deploy on a dedicated machine. So it seemed that the concrete java version to be used was not a problem and we have developed on 1.6. Now the deployment environment is a Tomcat that we have to share with other applications and the jvm is a 1.5. As there is no written document about that, again: the customer is always right.

Project development

  1. Analyze
  2. Plan with mesurable objectives
  3. Follow the plan and maximize communication between all parts
  4. Adapt if necessary

Avoid long periods without showing the development application to the stakeholders

Even when both parts, stakeholders and analysts, have deep knowledge on the domain, things can be misunderstood. Let's face it, we're humans and every word we say can then be relativized and nuanced.

Do early presentations where all stakeholders are present and showcase the application


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